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A Christian Understanding of Gambling - Albert Mohler 20 Feb 2012 ... With the expansion of state lotteries, casino gambling, and new ... and serves as president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

The Bible Speaks On Gambling. The following Bible Study is by Dr. Robert J. Hitchens, President, Maryland Baptist Bible College, and is reprinted from the Maranatha Baptist Watchman, August 1996; used by permission (Maranatha Baptist Church, 3141 Old Elk Neck Rd., Elkton, Maryland 21921) Why a biblical inerrancy-based bill in the Texas Senate ... Texas Senate Bill 17 raises serious questions. This year’s Bible-impacted legislation is intended to protect people of faith from the LGBTQ “agenda.” Fifty years ago, the debate involved a similar “biblical” and “legal” response to civil rights for African Americans. Southern Baptist leader questions Gov. Bentley's motives for ... Southern Baptists have been fighting gambling since the days of brush arbor revivals across the South. They remain some of the staunchest opponents of gambling, believing it promotes immorality ... Do most Baptists believe the Rapture? | Christian Forums

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Year, Resolution, Preview. 2017, On The Sin Of Gambling, WHEREAS, The Southern Baptist Convention has a long history of opposing gambling in its various ... Southern Baptist Convention > On The Sin Of Gambling WHEREAS, The Southern Baptist Convention has a long history of opposing gambling in its various forms, such as casinos, lotteries, racing, and other gambling ... Southern Baptist Convention > Resolution On Gambling

Churches take very different stands on betting. ``Our society ...

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On my visit to a Southern Baptist church, I saw a little girl get baptized by immersion. ... What is the baptist view on “gambling” in scenarios like “Jeopardy ...

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The Southern Baptist Convention cannot ethically, Biblically require its members or employees or seminary students to vote Republican, be pro-life, withdraw from public schools, believe young earth creationism or abstain from the use of alcohol as a beverage.

Wetumpka's First Baptist Church votes to return $25K rebuilding ... 14 Feb 2019 ... Churches in the Southern Baptist Convention are self-governing. The congregation ... Many in the congregation are opposed to gambling and felt that accepting the donation would conflict with those beliefs, he said. “It wasn't ... Who's behind Ky. ban on casinos, gay marriage? - Cincinnati Enquirer

Baptists debate social drinking | The Christian Century Dec 28, 2010 · Baptists debate social drinking. by Bob Allen. said younger Southern Baptist leaders do not appreciate that history and instead view teetotalism as extra-biblical and nothing more than "Pharisaical legalism." Lumpkins is among Southern Baptists who view relaxed attitudes about social drinking as the biggest controversy facing the Southern ... Do most Baptists believe the Rapture? | Christian Forums Aug 14, 2005 · Do most Baptists believe the Rapture? Discussion in 'Baptists' started by PatrickJ, Aug 3, 2005. I am Southern Baptist and yes we do believe in the rapture. Although the word rapture itself does not appear in the Bible, we take being taken up to mean raptured. ... For even more clouded view, I can't even fully support the theory of a true 7 ... Is betting a sin? | Baptist Christian Forums Feb 19, 2007 · Like anything else, anything can be done to excess. Like the well-known stances against dancing or alcohol taken by many Baptists, gambling is a pet issue that has no direct scriptural mandate one way or the other. It is all a matter of how people interpret and view certain issues. Which Christian groups prohibit playing cards, and what is